Get involved in Earth Day 2016!

Ashley Hamilton

“… We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

– Ancient Native American Proverb


Earth Day is becoming more and more important in schools across America—we commonly hear about global warming, endangered and extinct species, disappearing forests, and pollution. As a result, many educators and parents are urging students to find a way to participate.


Want to get involved? For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of Earth-focused activities and resources you can share with students of all ages:


  • Composting 101: Show students the differences between compostable and noncompostable foods. Then, take them for a visit to the cafeteria and have them take a look around. How much food is being wasted? How much of that food can be composted? Look into starting a composting program within your school.
  • Reuse, Reuse, Reuse: Have your students take a look at what they use every day. How can they reuse those items? Do they use plastic containers with their lunch? Instead of throwing them out, mention that students can wash and reuse those containers in other ways. A lid can become a tray for flowerpots. A plastic bottle can become a vertical garden, chandelier, or even a work of art!
  • Recycle Now!: Visit a recycling plant as part of a class field trip. Show students all the new items that are made from recyclable materials. How are they made? What do they become? Which items do students use in a typical day?


Still looking for more ideas?


Celebrate Earth Day 2016 with your students with these Benchmark Education titles, each one echoing the need for greater awareness and consciousness about human behavior and how we can make a positive impact on our fragile environment. You can also consult the official Earth Day Network’s website or for more ideas on how to participate and educate, including an Earth-focused lesson plan!


For Benchmark Education Company’s part, we print all of our catalogs in the U.S.A., using 100% recycled paper, 90% post-consumer waste, and 100% soy ink.

We are so proud of our commitment to the environment that we print the estimated savings of resources in trees, energy, solid waste, water, and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on the back of all of our catalogs—take a look! And, in the meantime, enjoy these wonderful e-books.


Early Explorers:

It’s Earth Day! Level M/28


Early Connections:

The Race to Recycle Level G/12

Where Does Your Garbage Go? Level G/12

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Level I/15

Are We Hurting the Earth? Level I/16

The Great Green Forest Level I/16

A Healthy Earth Level K/20

Environmentally Friendly World Level M/28


Content Connections:

Celebrating Earth Day Lexile 420L

Earth’s Water Lexile 490L

From Pine Tree to Pizza Box Lexile 680L


Text Connections:

Opinions About Ocean Health Level R/40


Readers’ & Writers’ Genre Workshop:

Dino-Pals Are Dino-Mite! and Earth Is All the Home We Have Level U/50

Energy Sources for the 21st Century Level X/60 (3 persuasive essays)


Reader’s Theater:

The Earth Day Garden Levels J-L (18-24)

Return to Earth Levels N-U (30-50) (Excellent references to CFCs and renewable energy)

John Muir: Our National Parks Levels N-Z (30-90)



Earth Lexile 300L

Water on Earth Lexile 350L

Discover Ocean Pollution Lexile 330L

Deforestation and Desertification versions in Level Q/40 and Level V/60

Discover Oil Spills Lexile 380L

Oil Spills Lexile 410L

Ocean Pollution Lexile 450L

Habitat Rescue Level O/34

Global Alert Level P/38

Riches From Earth Level U/50

Ecological Disasters Level W/60


Prime Science:

Energy Resources versions in Level R/40 and Level V/60

Land Biomes versions in Level R/40 and Level W/60

Climate versions in Level R/40 and Level W/60

Aquatic Biomes versions in Level R/40 and Level X/60

Earth’s Hydrosphere versions in Level T/44 and Level Y/70

Earth’s Freshwater Bodies Level Y/70

The Nature of Energy Level Z/80



– Nuclear Energy

– Energy Resources

– Air Pollution

– Ocean Pollution


And here is a helpful image that you can embed into any of the books:


† Please note: If these titles are missing from your library, they may not be included in your current Benchmark Universe subscription. Contact your rep or e-mail us to learn more about adding new titles to your subscription!


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