A Guide to Sharing Your Customized E-Books

Nick DeLibero

Once you’ve designed and customized your e-books or e-posters in Benchmark Universe, it’s time to share your creations. First, decide how you want other teachers and students to view the content—several options are available. Let’s say you just customized a book and named the customization “My First Customization.” You can circulate this book through your classroom, or you can send it to any teacher in your school. Here are a few features:


 Review and Share

Students can leave reviews on “My First Customization” immediately after you post it to the library. In the “Share Space” section on your dashboard, you can moderate students’ comments by accepting and/or deleting their reviews.


Assign Customizations

Do you want to share customizations with different students?

You can select students to receive special versions of “My First Customization”—simply click “Add to Assignment,” and you can choose which students will receive the e-book as homework. You can also type up a specific set of instructions for the assigned tasks.


School Customization Library

This new feature is one of BU’s most requested additions to the site. Now, you can share customizations with any teacher in your school who’s also a BU user.

Click on “My First Customization” and drag it to the newly added School Customization Library area. In the pop-up box, choose which teacher you’d like to share your customization with and select the “notify” option. A message will be sent to that teacher, letting him or her know that a new customization was shared.

You can also share your book with all teachers, as the School Library houses the digital collection for everyone to view.


Share your e-books and keep the conversation moving! The purpose of sharing your materials is to generate feedback—and BU is the perfect place to do it.

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Comments for this article
  1. Amy Rudd

    Having the option to customize the books and posters is a great way to differentiate for all students’ needs. Also, being able to share them teacher to teacher is helpful. We would like to be able to share the customizations cross-district as well.
    Thanks Benchmark for your support!

    • Ashley Hamilton

      Hi, Amy! Thanks for your comments regarding our e-book customization capabilities & for your request to share customizations cross-district. It’s a great idea- we’ll look into it!