5 Easy Ways Benchmark Universe Will Help You with Lesson Planning

Nick DeLibero

You can use Benchmark Universe’s interactive portal to quickly build a customized library, seamlessly manage your students and groups, and easily plan your entire curriculum. Here are 5 ways you can start using BU in your lesson-planning right away:

My Library: Sort Through Books with Ease

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Use the library to search through every book series in the Benchmark catalogue. Explore by Lexile, grade, level, language, and content area to discover an assortment of choices. Filter the search even further with subcategories like age, group, and theme.

Build Bookshelves: Create a Unique Library

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The possibilities are endless with the Book Shelf feature. Simply search for a book, and with one click, add it to your personalized bookshelf. The bookshelf stores all of your selections for easy viewing and customizing. Have a lot of books in mind? Go on and create as many bookshelves as you need!

Build Assignments: Supply Students with Daily Tasks

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Assign students personalized e-books, or tasks with a start and end date. Create paperless homework assignments for the night that can be monitored from within the BU portal.

Manage Students: Assign Student Groups

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Place students in groups based on reading levels or other characteristics. Assign the group a distinct task or distribute specific e-books to read for the day.

E-Planner: Arrange Your Curriculum Day by Day

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Strategize your BU curriculum online by setting up your personal ePlanner. Your computer now becomes your plan book, as you can rearrange schedules, add reminders and notes, and change lesson times daily. You can even move lessons to different days in the week or to a separate week or month with a simple drag and drop.


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