BENCHMARK UNIVERSE PRO TIP: How to Get Started with Benchmark Universe Quickly & Easily

Nick DeLibero

If you’re new to using BU, here are three essential features that are quick to master and easy to utilize in your daily lessons.


  1. Create Bookshelves

The Bookshelf is a simple and extremely beneficial feature of BU. On the right side of the BU Library interface, there is a blue box labeled “Add New Bookshelf.” Click on the yellow “plus” button to create a name for your new Bookshelf. There are two rapid ways of adding materials to your Bookshelf. One method is dragging the product across the screen into the Bookshelf box. Another method is clicking on the product’s “gear” icon, which will prompt an “Add to Bookshelf” option. Now, all of your materials will be quickly organized, which is fantastic for viewing, customizing, and using at your convenience.


  1. Add New Assignments

Want a super fast way of distributing online tasks to your classroom? Try the Assignments feature. From your Library, click the “Assignments” button and type a name for your new assignment. You can then begin adding assessments, eBooks, and ePosters. Gathering materials is exactly like picking products for your Bookshelf. Simply click on the gear icon on the book jacket thumbnail or drag the entire product to the right. You’ll also see a message that reads “Drag & drop resources here.”

The Assignments sidebar is interactive and allows you to send instruction notes and to quickly check the status of assigned tasks. Clicking the “Start Date” and “Due Date” buttons will also launch a handy calendar, perfect for choosing dates easily.


  1. Analyze Reports*

*Note: You’ll need a subscription to one of Benchmark Education’s online assessment products to access this feature. Click here to find out more.

After an assignment is issued, it’s time to observe your students’ scores. On the Reports page, drag your assignment to the dashboard to discover your students’ statistics and test results. The “Display Student Results” button will list completed tests, along with each student’s test score.

Toward the bottom of the screen, click on “Classes” to uncover more assignment data. In just a few mouse clicks, you can rapidly toggle through correct and incorrect questions, standards, topics, skills, and students’ test percentages. Keeping a copy of the reports is a breeze! You can either print the report or export the data as a digital file.


We hope these tips help you get started quickly with Benchmark Universe. If you discover any clever tricks, please leave a comment and share your user experience with your fellow teachers!


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